“Maine, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, & New Brunswick”

Many great locations were visited throughout this trip!  The trip began in Maine with a stop on Campobello Island (New Brunswick), continued northeast to Prince Edward Island, then on to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, back through Maine, and then home.  There were many great sights and lots of photographs. Hopefully, there are a few nice ones in the following galleries.


"Marshall Point Lighthouse I"

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The Marshall Point Lighthouse is prominently located on a rocky point at the entrance to the harbor of the fishing village of Port Clyde, Maine. The Marshall Point Lighthouse was first built in 1832 out of rubble stone and then rebuilt in 1854 to it's current form. If you've ever seen the movie "Forrest Gump" you may remember this lighthouse as one of the stops Forrest made as he ran across the United States.